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DOURDissolved Oxygen Uptake Rate (wastewater treatment)
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The second phase of Al Dour power plant will be commissioned.
Being dour isn't in the Scottish DNA - the weather put it there.
The second half saw increased periods of pressure from Barcelona but Madrid held on and another dour half ended goalless.
Buses will take all the participants from the club to Al Dour at 12.
Cowdell said: "Winning was important but learning how tough it can be against a dour opponent was more important.
Ms Ellis says Mr Brown is "a very typical example of a dour Scot" and adds: "He has no time nor interest in courting popularity as he wants to get on with solving the problems of the world.
And she says: "His being Scottish has been an issue with the UK electorate - this is not due to racism, but more to the fact of him being so typically representative of the disgruntled dour Scot unwilling to give any quarter and play the popularity game.
That said, it can be a dull experience in some so-called finer establishments - dour fellow diners, dour staff, dour food.
A DOUR report on US job losses during June sent stocks tumbling.
A DOUR report on job losses during June sent stocks sharply lower yesterday.
Mutu was one of several players who looked out of touch in the dour goalless draw with France on Monday but the 29-year-old can at least point to the fact his mind may have been on other matters.
Synopsis: Gallup Poll Daily tracking on consumer attitudes finds no signs of change in the dour consumer outlook on the national economy, with 87% of Americans saying the economy is getting worse, and only 17% rating the economy as "excellent" or "good.