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DOUSTDesign and Optimization of Ultra-Small Transistors
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In Phase 2, during the <VT run, all but one subject met criteria for being at less than the intensity of the maximal lactate steady state (MLSS), as [La] increased < 1 mmol x [l.sup.-1] during the final 20 min (Beneke and von Duvillard, 1996; Harnish, et al., 2001; Jeans et al., 2011; Jones and Doust, 1998; Meyer et al., 2005; Swensen et al., 1999).
Some authors refer to the innovations as basal branches and to the enrichment shoots as axillary branches (Doust et al., 2004).
Las produccion de semillas puede variar espacial y temporalmente, pudiendo estar limitada por la cantidad de ovulos producidos, la cantidad y calidad del polen transferido, la cantidad de nutrientes y fotosintatos disponibles para los frutos y semillas, enfermedades y agentes del ambiente fisico (Silvertown & Lovett Doust 1993, de Viana 1995).
Genes such as KNOTTED1, BARREN STALK, RAMOSA1, and the B- and Cclass MADS box genes have similar expression patterns in all grass species investigated to date (Gallavotti et al., 2004; Whipple et al., 2004; Bortiri et al., 2006; Whipple & Schmidt, 2006; Doust & Kellogg, unpublished).
Jenny Doust, Level 2 Edith Cavell Building, Royal Brisbane Hospital Complex, Herston, Queensland 4029, Australia.
"Walking is a great way to burn off those excess calories," says Professor Doust of the University of Wales.
Doug Doust, vice-president of supply chain at Wal-Mart Canada, would certainly agree with this sentiment.
Meanwhile, Aberystwyth university head of sports science Professor Jo Doust last night spelt out the problems with fizzy drinks: "The main problem is children in the UK eat too much sugar, which can lead to obesity, and fizzy drinks have traditionally been one of the main sources of sugar.
21 Oct: "Cold Comfort Farm" by Paul Doust adapted from the novel by Stella Gibbons