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DOUTData Output
DOUTDigital Output
DOUTData Out (data bus or signal line)
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Dout, a military governor, recently appointed through a decree by South Sudan president, Salva Kiir, has imposed a fee of SSP150 ($80) on each firearm in the hands of individuals in the state.
(ready && dout && data == x) |=> ##[0 : 3]done && q == x;
Therefore, the reset was set to always use a synchronized reset that generates "rd_ptr," "rd_enb" and "dout" signals.
Like the knights of Arthur's Round Table in Malory who are sworn to protect all women, Robin loved oure dere Lady: / For dout of dydly synne,/Wolde he never do compani harme / That any woman was in" (Gest 37-40).
The mole of nature in Denmark's subjects, the prince imagines, takes over their "general censure" like a totalizing "corruption / From that particular fault", and so "The dram of evil / Doth all the noble substance often dout, / To his own scandal" (I.iv.24-38).
Mam we want to tell you something so there will be no dout, you are so wonderful to think of but so hard to live without.
All juicit with an arseful of moola, wonga, clams & squids doks stasht in identikl blakases hanging from ther hans 2 Suits, a mega pair of Smith, Blupils no dout, viddying how they trading outa goodness welth stuporifik, shake handes, hug n abuse ech othre on the bak.
nee en France et dout les parents sont venus en France par le BUMIDOM.
Matty Wolfenden had a goal controversially rule dout for offside while keeper Chris Maxwell pulled of a number of fine saves to deny the hosts.