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DOVESDiabetes Outcomes in Veterans Study
DOVESDomestic Violence Education and Services (California and Montana)
DOVESDatabase of Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Signatures (Department of Computer Science; University of California, Davis)
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Categorization of doves as monogamous as defined by Lack (1968) and Wittenberger & Tilson (1980) is tenuous, and the term "apparent monogamy" is used for Columbids (Gowaty 1985).
The title of the work may sound a little scary, but Dove says it's meant to be "intimate and visceral.
Mourning doves are monogamous and form a very strong bond that will last at least for the duration of nesting season, some may even remain together throughout the winter.
By the end of September Echo had retrieved over 60 doves and several limits of band-tails for both myself and some buddies.
062) in young doves is higher than the average consumption (0.
As the postbreeding season progressed, white-winged doves began to feed in larger numbers at a single tree.
British Turtle Doves do not fly via Malta, but from their winter quarters in west Africa via Spain and France.
Dove decorations (markers, crayons, paint, colorful paper, etc.
To keep him and the other kids from being discouraged at misses when they first started shooting, we usually positioned an adult who can shoot pretty well near the kid so he could shoot at the same doves as the little ones.
The artist's love of drawing doves came from watching his father paint the birds as a child in Spain.
Historically, the lower Rio Grande Valley (LRGV) of Texas was the only area in Texas where eastern white-winged doves (Zenaida asiatica asiatica) and mourning doves (Z.
The doves are a model of community--a flock flies together, going the same direction with one common purpose--to find their bearings and head home.