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DOVIDDiffractive Optical Variable Image Device
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What a disappointment his Dovid must have been to Zussman.
Meanwhile David Groiser's examination of Martin Buber's translations of Dovid Pinski and Reb Nakhmen Braslever highlights how Buber--much less radical in this respect than either Nathan or Salomon Birnbaum--mediated the culture of Yiddish-speaking Eastern Europe to assimilated German Jews, vacillating between a belief in Yiddish culture as a source of healing and a need to 'sanitize' his translations for the bourgeois sensibilities of his readers.
Between 1915 and 1920, Der Nister was actively in the Kiev Group of Yiddish literati, led by Dovid Bergelson.
Full-time yeshiva students who now live with their own families in Jerusalem, Tzvi Dovid and Akiva react to their father with the kind of incredulous laughter that might have turned derisive, were it not for the presence of a film crew and the stricture of the fifth commandment.
Jacob Gordin's The Jewish King Lear (1892) dramatized the fate of Dovid Moysheles, a family patriarch who divides his wealth between his two elder daughters before making a pilgrimage to Palestine.
The symbolism was to declare "that the Israeli state, contrary to its absurd claims, is not representative of the Jewish people," said Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta International.
A local squire (nicely played by Rutger Hauer) owns the land, but seems just as inclined to give it to a gentle Jewish scholar, Dovid (Stuart Townshend) as sell it to the ruthless Hase.
Meanwhile, educated but poor dairy farmer Dovid (Smart Townsend, with an Irish accent), who has the hots for widowed baker Leah (Embeth Davidtz), has plans to revive the village's fortunes by buying a spread from landowner Count Albrecht (Rutger Hauer) and building a railroad station.
As the clergy family we belonged to the community, a double-edged sword in that it delivered both a warm embracesome of the older members who are alive today still call me Dovid or Dovidelehbut on the flip side it could deliver a good frosk (slap), from many, if you were seen as misbehaving or being inappropriate.
The 'image in a hole' approach, where the object DOVID image is observed and any changes compared to the known authentic DOVID image;