DOVSDirectors of Volunteer Services (various states)
DOVSDensity of Valence States
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From figure 5, it can be found that the spatial distribution of prime vertical components of oceanic DOVs is approximately consistent with the distribution of meridional components over most oceans.
Marine DOVs are determined from altimetry data of T/P, Jason-1, and Jason-2 in 1992-2013 with the crossover method.
Annual changes of meridional and prime vertical components of DOVs over most open oceans are small.
The spatial resolution of oceanic DOVs determined from altimetry data with the crossover method is limited by theexact repeating period of altimetry satellite.
Statistical results of oceanic DOVs from T-P, Jason-1, and Jason-2 Component Max (") Min (") Mean (") STD (") RMS (") Meridional 4.89 -4.86 0.07 0.98 0.98 prime vertical 4.98 -4.99 0.00 1.02 1.02
The Deflection of the Vertical (DOV)as one basic research topic in geodesy and geophysics can characterize thedirection of gravity vector and provide one tight local tie among space geodetic techniques (Shen et al., 2015).
The meridional componentand [xi] the prime vertical component [eta] of DOV are calculated from the two directions of geoid gradients (Heiskanen & Moritz, 1967), that is
Altimetry data should be edited and corrected before DOV calculation because of contamination of many kinds of errors.