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DOXDesign of Experiments
DOXDirect Operational Exchange
DOXDaxie Ohio Express (toy truck)
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Since DOX is used widely in oncology protocols against malignancies such as testicular cancer and increasing concerns have been raised about the DOX-induced long and short term male infertility, therefore we aimed to highlight primarily the DOX-induced histopathological damages and biochemical alterations in the testicular tissues and secondly to investigate the preventive, protective and therapeutic effects of SMN on DOX-induced histopathological, biochemical and molecular changes in the testis.
Another objective of the study was to establish that vitamin C as an antioxidant could be a simple and cost-effective regimen to enhance therapeutic efficacy and to reduce toxic side effects of DOX in clinical chemotherapy.
Dr Bart Ripperger, DPM, President of DOX Podiatry added, "DOX is proud to announce its partnership with iTech.
Results: The synergistic combination of DOX (IC20) and RSVL (IC30) was selected based on the combination index values in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 cell lines.
In this review, we have systematically presented the evidence wherein the phytochemicals were investigated for cardioprotective effects against DOX and the relevant mechanisms.
The frequencies of Mn-PCEs and Mn-NCEs in the bone marrow of mice treated with chrysanthemum alone or in combination with DOX are summarized in Table 1.
Fog a Dox is one of those rare, beautifully formed little gems that appeals more to the reflective reader than one who reads for entertainment.
Summary: Had things gone as planned, DOX BOX, Syria's international documentary film festival, would have staged its 5th edition this past week.
Dubai The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) has expanded its regional reach and support for Arab filmmakers through a new partnership with Dox Box, the annual international film festival for creative documentary based in Syria.