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DOYDay of Year (US DoD)
DOYDiocese of Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio)
DOYDay of Year
DOYDoom on You (gaming)
DOYDirector of the Year (various organizations)
DOYDiocese of Yambio
DOYDivision of Youth
DOYDuchess of York
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Doy understood that poverty is not simply the lack of money or food or shelter.
Siyempre Jibby, klaro nga ang malisya naa sa mga huna-huna sa nag-sulti ug naminaw, wala sa nagsakay sa tricycle'.Mao na Doy,nga akong tambag nimo ayaw itago-tago; iplantada para walay duda.'
Boschs Doy Zip bagger offers manufacturers significant production flexibility, allowing them to keep up with changing market conditions.
More significantly for Mr Al Doy and the status of Taekwondo in Bahrain though was that the group secured an impressive tally of nine medals across the children's, sub-junior, junior and senior age categories.
Gary and Marion Doy select varieties to grow in their new garden.
A further payment of upto pounds 700,000 will be triggered if Doy Webster meets its targets in its first year of trading under WYG's ownership.
One incident jumps out, Doy in an attempt to prevent an electoral fraud transpiring in Quezon City, planned with his close senior advisers and his security, to adventure into the city polling area, switch off the lights, and grab the ballot boxes to save the position of one individual who later turned his back on Unido to join Ninoy's widow.
THE team of taekwondo jins from Al Doy Olympic Centre came away with an impressive nine medals from the Chun Cheon Open International Taekwondo Championships in South Korea.
Mr Doy, 62, was given the match programmes by his uncle, Ernie Harmer, when he was just 12, and, although not a programme collector himself, he has treasured them ever since.
Coding a batch number, 'best before' and 'use by' information to hot-filled Doy bags puts specific demands on to ink-jet printers, and not all printers can deliver a uniform, high resolution code in a small space on a relatively unstable convex surface.