DOZPDolnoslaski Okregowy Zwiazek Plywacki (Polish: Lower Silesian Regional Swimming Association)
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The subject of the public contract in the framework of this tender is the production and delivery of all-day meals, including transport to the client%s households without serving on a plate for 30 DOZP clients to the extent specified in this call.
HV line 22kV (land CN 577/16), new kiosk transformer station 22 / 0,4kV type KN 1720 and low voltage cable outlets from TS for buildings of the connected area DOZP no.
Project documentation will be prepared for the construction of "Transformation DOZP, VAT ampach - Letohrad." The object of the project documentation will be two houses for the purpose of providing social services to physically handicapped clients.
Objectives of the project : The goal is a successful transition of users from 15 to 7 DOZP apartments earmarked for social service CHB in Cheb, which arises as a new type of community service, and their adaptation and integration into the natural social environment, increasing their competencies, remove barriers and ultimately the opportunity to participate in workflow.
- Construction of a building in the street Gorky Trmice destined for two households, a total of 12 clients DOZP Hlinany (1 household with a high degree of support and household type 1 home for people with disabilities.).
The target group is its own internal staff DOZP LeontE'n (15 persons), who meet the definition of social workers and workers in social services under Act no.
As part of this training will employees DOZP Leontyne within the set time frame forwarded a summary of information leading to the expansion and consolidation of knowledge in the area of social services for people with autism.
In this part will be completed 5 of courses listed below, which are intended for members of social service providers DOZP and DATS in JK.
- Homes for people with disabilities Ole ka - Kamenice, po (2x DOZP)
To complete the transformation DOZP PMIS occurs after the completion of the project.
Group-Analysis Services DOZP, its external and internal environment, economic analysis-analysis of the necessary level of support users DOZP, update their individual plans (IP) Training Working Group and other parties concerned-Promotion equipment and process transformation