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DP1Draft Priority One (Australia and UK)
DP1Dorsal Protein 1
DP1DRTF1 (Database of Rice Transcription Factor)-Polypeptide-1 (DNA encoding)
DP1Defect-Specific Plaque (periodontology)
DP1Data Processing Technician First Class (Naval Rating)
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The reaction mixture became clear, after which 73.88 g of second D was added (F/D = 1.50) and maintained at 90[degrees]C for 40 minutes to reach to viscosity HI, followed by cooling to room temperature to give Resin DP1.50 with viscosity I, pH 7.3, and resin solids content of 60.5 percent.
Among the 10 groups of growth rate data in Table 3, the prediction deviations for 7 groups of data show that dp1 < 0 and [d.sub.F1] < [d.sub.F2] for 7 groups of data.
It was relatively easy to apply the idea of a shared object (DP1), using flexible technology (DP6) as well as the versioning of the outcome (DP3) into classroom practices.
In another trial performed by Fuling et al., they revealed that pediatric massage could effectively reduce the plasma concentrations of PAF and prostaglandin and increase the levels of PAF-AH and DP1, accompanied by a significant improvement in the clinical symptoms of childhood asthma [34].
The mRNA levels of the receptors Dp1, Crth2, and Ppar[gamma] were upregulated in response to UUO, whereas no change in receptor mRNA expression was found in response to 15d-PG[J.sub.2] treatment (Figures 4(a), 4(b), and 4(c)).
Comparison of business process maturity mode Design Row BPMMM PPI Principles Areas: Areas: Business management Process processes in Management, a American business companies, Basic Design DP1.1 improvement evaluates an Principles plan to improve organization's processes in the processes future.
G&D has developed a new KVM extender system -- the DP1.2-VisionXG.
The parcels consisted of: (a) EE1, items 1, 2, 3; (b) EE2, items 6, 8, 13; (c) EE3, items 14, 16, 20; (d) DP1, items 10, 11; (e) DP2, items 5, 15, 22; (f) PA1, items 4, 7, 9; (g) PA2, item 12; and (h) PA3, items 17, 19, 21.