DP5Digital Performer 5 (software)
DP5Death Protein 5 (brain research)
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The same position was also found altered (C>G/T) in our eight samples (DP3, DP4, DP5, DP6, DP10, DP12, DP20, DP23) of mammary, CTVT and granuloma tumors cases (Table 5).
Scavenger-type resin DF0.80 using intermediate product DF5.0 (#3d).--Similarly, 201.5 g of DP5.0 and 294.0 g of water were taken into a stirred reactor, the pH was adjusted to 8.4, and the mixture was heated to 70[degrees]C, and 455.9 g of D (F/D = 0.80) was added, followed by heating the mixture to 90[degrees]C for 15 minutes.
The reuse of outcomes (DP4) as well as cross-fertilization with other organizations and cultures (DP5) is rare, but not impossible in schools, as, for example, the experiences of the described courses show.
Time (min) DP10 0.54 DP7 1.25 DP8 1.64 DP4 1.89 DP3 2.30 DP5 2.58 DP9 3.35 DP6 3.75 DP2 4.49 DP11 4.72 BZF 5.61 DP1 6.76 Note: Table made from line graph.
The GBVI/WSA values for the docked structures between bilirubin and the DR2, DR4, and DP5 molecules are -8.83, -8.72, and -7.02 kcal/mol, respectively.
Unfortunately, Danfloss DP5 is not the name of a special agent who carries out emergency quick fixes of domestic boilers.
The average chain length of the inulin in Frutafit is about 911 carbon atoms and the content of fructooligosaccharides (with DP below 10) is about 25-30% with about 2-3% DP3 and DP4, and 3-4% of DP5.
A idade das maes variou entre 15 e 40 anos (23,5; DP5,2 anos), havendo maior concentracao de faixa etaria entre 20 e 29 anos (63,5%).
The discontinuous protocols were performed with a pause of five (DP5) or 15 (DP15) seconds between the fifth and sixth repetitions.
This required 55 more wells from three new platforms - DP1, DP2 and DP5. The target was reached in 1995.
By comparison, the smallest guide, the DP5, which is 6 mm high and 3.5 mm wide, handles a static load of 335 Newtons and a dynamic load of 550 Newtons.