DPAGDeutsche Post AG
DPAGDepartment of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (UK)
DPAGDes Plaines Art Guild (Des Plaines, IL)
DPAGDunedin Public Art Gallery (New Zealand)
DPAGDounreay Particles Advisory Group (Scottish Environment Protection Agency; UK)
DPAGDairy Permitting Advisory Group (San Joaquin, CA)
DPAGDefense Planning and Advisory Group
DPAGDental Patient Advocacy Group
DPAGDevelopment Plan Action Group
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Ms Halliday said: "I think it is really significant that the new group was unanimous in appointing a local business person as chair of DPAG.
(13) Subsequently, discovery exposed that DPAG still retained ownership rights of the notes and merely subcontracted its right to litigation to Justinian.
Between 1999 and 2003 the German government sold about 80% of the DPAG shares to the KfW.
Indeed, the high profits of the postal services incumbent, Deutsche Post AG (DPAG) from services offered under its exclusivity license suggest that DPAG has not been forced to lower prices sufficiently, notwithstanding reductions of prices imposed by the regulator.
(20.) Lcang-skya Rol-pa'i rdo-rje, Rgyal ba'i dbang po thams cad mkhyen gzigs rdo rje 'chang blo bzang bskal bzang rgya mtsho dpal bzang po'i zhal snga nas kyi rnam par thar pa mdo tsam brjod pa dpag bsam rin po che'i snye ma, 'Bras spung redaction, pp.
The colophon to the Sil snyan bdun pa'i lo rgyus, a text contained in KHRO1, and with different tides in BRGYA and BRGYA1, and otherwise also known as the Sil snyan bdun pa'i tshig lhug, states quite plainly that he translated it in 1228.(10) Aside from the numerous treatises in KHRO1, BRGYA and BRGYA1 that have quasi-autobiographical and biographical content, the same library also contains a slightly damaged, seventy-eight folio blockprint of the much more fundamental Pan grub gsum gyi rnam thar dpag bsam 'khril shing, under C.P.N.
(33.) Concerning Rig-'dzin mnga'-bdag Chos-rgyal-phun-tshogs and his activities in Lo, see the biography of Dpag-bsam-ye-shes (1598-1667): Bod-mkhaspa Mi-pham-dge-legs-rnam-par-rgyal-ba'i-lha, Rje btsun grub pa'i dbang phyug dam pa dpag bsam ye shes zhabs kyi rnam par thar pa mchog gi spyod tshul rgya mtsho'i snyingpo (Xylograph, ff.
The formal investigation against Germany that the European Commission opened on 12 September will focus on whether Deutsche Post AG (DPAG) was overcompensated for carrying out its universal service obligation, in addition to the aid already found to be incompatible in a 2002 European Commission decision.aThe Commission will assess whether compensation received by DPAG is compatible with EC Treaty State Aid rules (Article 87).
dpal sa'i steng na' gram pa'i zla thams cad bral ba: kha che'i pandi ta chen po shhakya shri bhadra'i rnam par thar pa : sems dpa' chen po khro phu lo tstsha ba byams pa'i dpal gyis mdzad pa gzhi byas : de dag [35b] bde blag tu gtogs [read: rtogs] par byaba'i phyir du : bla ma dpyal lo tstshp ba dang : 'jam dbyangs rin chen rgyal mtshan : shakya'i btsun pa bsod nams dpal bzang po rnams kyis rim par mdzad pa'i zin bris thor bu ba rnams phyogs 1 ti khrigs su bsdebs : kha ba can gyi ljongs su 'gro don dpag tu med pa mdzad tshul : rnam thar dpag bsam khri shing nas kha bskangs te : lcags mo glang gi lo zla ba dang po cho 'phrul chen po'i dus chen gyi tshes bco Inga'i nyin : mam ga lam tistha ma kha arya zhes bya bas yi ger bkod pa'o
To join, download a membership form from guild's website, dpag.org or mail your request to Membership, P.O.