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DPAMDu Pareil au Même (French clothing store)
DPAMDirection Polynésienne des Affaires Maritimes (French: Polynesian Directorate of Maritime Affairs)
DPAMDemand Priority Access Method
DPAMDisseminated Peritoneal Adenomucinosis
DPAMDP Accounting Manager (IBM computer program)
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When the sender starts to transmit data, DPAM will be through the cross-layer cooperative communication [25], retrieve priority values corresponding to each stream, and store them in the status list (denoted by [PO.sub.list]).
proposed, by differentiating patients with an absence of uptake from those with uptake, PET scanning suggests those who may have DPAM versus PMCA or PMCA-I/D.
La cirugia citoreductiva (CRS) seguida por quimioterapia hipertermica intraperitonal (Hipec) ha sido recomendada como tratamiento de eleccion para pacientes con DPAM (2-4), lo que implica la sobrevida a largo plazo 80% y 75% a 5 y 10 anos, respectivamente (5-7).
In a recent, large study of pseudomyxoma by Bradley et al, (7) the authors classified peritoneal mucinous tumors as DPAM, PMCA-I, and PMCA based on the Ronnett et al (14) criteria.
DPAM uses demand packets, which are routed directly from source to destination, and priority packets which are given precedence--distinctly different from CSMA/CD, where all stations contend equally for the network and back off if it already is in use.
This reflects our efforts to limit the growing effects of climate change, said Arif Mubarak, CEO of Dubai Properties Asset Management (DPAM).
first described a widely accepted and useful definition of PMP into three pathological subtypes with different pathological characteristics and different prognoses: disseminated peritoneal adenomucinosis (DPAM) which remains potentially non-invasive and stays localised to the abdomen; peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis (PMCA) which has a metastatic potential; and an intermediate subtype (PMCA-I) which has invasive and metastatic potential with the possibilities of liver, lung and lymph node metastases.
They proposed 2 diagnostic categories for pseudomyxoma peritonei: disseminated peritoneal adenomucinosis (DPAM) and peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis (PMCA).
The second and smaller group prefers a new approach based on Hewlett- Packard's Demand Priority Access Method (DPAM).