DPCADialyse Péritonéale Continue Ambulatoire (French: Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis)
DPCADongfeng Peugeot Citroen Auto
DPCADirector(ate) of Personnel & Community Activities
DPCADoberman Pinscher Club of America
DPCADivision of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (New York state)
DPCADiabetes Prevention and Control Alliance
DPCADistributed Power Coalition of America
DPCADisplaced Phase Center Antenna
DPCADemocratic Party Committee Abroad
DPCADongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co. Ltd
DPCADynamic Principal Component Analysis
DPCADisplaced Phase Center Array
DPCADual Port Communications Adapter
DPCADirecção Provincial de Coordenação Ambiental
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With DPCA, artegic has developed a method to enable marketers to successful marketing engineering.
The proposed model works under simple Dynamic Power Control Algorithm (DPCA).
Ding, "Vibration target detection and vibration parameters estimation based on the DPCA technique in dual-channel SAR," Science China.
Besides, the method published in [65] makes use of the ACM values, computing up to 23 different transformations, SMA, AoM, and TbP, among others, but transforms the domain to another one using DPCA. DPCA hybridizes Locally Linear Embedding (LLE) with Principal Component Analysis: the distance matrix is used to perform the PCA transformation instead of the covariance.
DPCA is a joint venture between the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and PSA Peugeot Citroen.
Dongfeng and Peugeot also signed a partnership deal to bolster the output of their DPCA joint venture in China to 1.5m vehicles as of 2020 and to set up a new JV in south-east Asia to drive sales of vehicles under their own brands.
A recent addition to its course offerings is a progressively-designed, one-year Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts (DPCA).
In [13], a dynamic PCA (DPCA) is proposed to deal with autocorrelation of process variables.
It is based on a national cultural remit that recognises that 'Australia would not produce the quantity, quality and variety of Australian content required to achieve cultural benefits without significant funding incentives and regulation by governments' (DPCA, 2011: 1).
Based on PCA +2 DPCA face recognition method analysis.
To alleviate this conflict, an innovative idea called displaced phase center antenna (DPCA) [7] technique has been suggested in recent years.
The team of Brasilia, although starting in 1982, said at the time the request for evaluation of child victims only occurred rarely, with the demand increasing considerably after the establishment of the Bureau for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Delegacia de Protecao a Crianca e ao Adolescente DPCA), in 1999.