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DPCIDelaware Physicians Care, Inc.
DPCIDatabase Publishing Consultants Inc.
DPCIDepartment Class Item
DPCIDispatch Priority Card Index (Ontario, Canada)
DPCIDepo-Provera Contraceptive Injection (birth control)
DPCIDynamic Church Planting International (Oceanside, CA)
DPCIDistribution Pharmaceutique de Côte d'Ivoire (French: Pharmaceutical Distribution of Ivory Coast)
DPCIDirection des Politiques Commerciales et Intergouvernementales (French: Direction of Trade Policy and Intergovernmental Relations; Canada)
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Drug fighting is one of our priorities as the DPCI and we welcome the agreement we entered into with the Russian government.
The Hachette evaluation team worked together to test the technology and evaluate DPCI and WoodWing's customer service and business models.
An open-source Drupal module maintained by DPCI, the DPSBridge module, turns chosen web articles into HTML stacks and subsequently uploads the articles directly to the Folio Producer Service in DPS by using the Folio Producer APIs.
Added Amanda Russell-Hayden, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Van Gennep, "The DPCI team knows the publishing industry extremely well.
Leveraging DPCI database publishing and integration experience with the distributed authoring system that is bundled with SAQQARA's CommerceSuite product enables organizations to deliver highly stylized content for their customers from a single electronic catalog.
This year, Vignette Village sponsors represent some of the most influential and important technology and system integration providers, including: Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Tata Consultancy Services, Microsoft, Avalon Consulting, Autonomy Corporation, Satyam Computer Services, Virtusa, Acquity Group, iFactory Solutions, LiquidHub, NextBrick, Coban Corporation, Corda Technologies, DPCI, General Physics, Infused Solutions, Kraai Consulting, LLC, Rivega, Trendec, Xpediant Solutions, Deloitte, McKesson Corporation, Citizen Pod, Dell, FedEx Kinko's and Accenture Information Management Services.
Pursuant to the mandatory share exchange, the symbol of DP Charters has been changed to DPCI.
and DPCI today announced the release of DPCI's MQXT software for Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS).
OTCBB: DPCH) Wednesday announced that its symbol changed from DPCI to DPCH as a result of a forward split of its common stock five for one, pursuant to approval of its board of directors.
DPCI has begun integrating the technology as of July 2002.
Since so many organizations hold legacy content in QuarkXPress files, Atomik helps them deconstruct the files quite effectively," states Joseph Bachana, President and CEO of DPCI.
DPCI) today announce signing of an agreement wherein DPCI will integrate core RealTimeProof technology into its custom content management solutions for publishing applications.