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DPCIDirection des Politiques Commerciales et Intergouvernementales (French: Direction of Trade Policy and Intergovernmental Relations; Canada)
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Delivering content effectively and seamlessly across multiple platforms is a must for 21st-century marketers, says Joseph Bachana, president and founder of DPCI, a New York City-based agency that works with brands and publishers to support an array of multichannel content marketing initiatives.
If there were an in-country constitutional obligation to create an independent anti-corruption unit, the second question was whether the DPCI was in fact sufficiently independent.
DPCI denied both requests, but the insurer did not ask the arbitrator for permission to attend, as permitted under arbitration rules.
In working with Duke, our team helped refine their workflow processes and reinforce improvements with technology so that they can put the paper to bed earlier each night," DPCI President Joseph Bachana said.
Law enforcement agencies with specific reference to the DPCI and Commercial Crime Detective Unit of SAPS must further develop the necessary capacity and expertise to deal with complex private-sector crime investigations.
After the content management system was configured, DPCI migrated 1,000 pages of original content from the Center's previously static HTML site, including an A-to-Z disorder guide, find-a-doctor resources and multimedia video clips.
DPCI can be used for maintaining current awareness, monitoring the research activity of competitors, identifying key people in a specific technology, augmenting validity searches, or finding results that cannot be retrieved by searching keywords or codes alone.
The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Police, Mr Francois Beukman, said that the appointment should not be aimed solely at instilling confidence in the leadership of the DPCI at unit level, but also in the minds of society at large.
In July, the DPCI arrested a man in possession of approximately $34,483 worth of methamphetamine.
DPCI helps define DAM requirements, select potential vendors and evaluate the responses.
DPCI contains every citation appearing in the patent documents of 16 patent-issuing authorities.
Vignette Village 2007 sponsors include Sun Microsystems, Accenture, Avalon Consulting, DPCI, General Physics Corporation, Hewlett Packard, ioko, Satyam Computer Services, Acquity Group, Azul Systems, Coban Corporation, Ephox Corporation, iFactory Solutions, ITWorx, Infused Solutions, Kraai Consulting, Liquid Hub, Omniture Inc.