DPCRDevelopment of Pancreatic Cancer Research (Romford, UK)
DPCRDisabled Persons Community Resources (Canada; est. 1957)
DPCRDépannage Plomberie Chauffage Robinetterie (French: Plumbing Heating Valve Repairs)
DPCRdifferential polymerase chain reaction
DPCRDeparture Procedure
DPCRDirect Polymerase Chain Reaction
DPCRdry cow positive control ration
DPCRDouble-Phase Contractile Response
DPCRDynamic Provoked Circulatory Response
DPCRDegree Program in Clinical Research (University of Washington)
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The directive issued by Deputy Commissioner Imran Hamid Sheikh on Thursday said that it was noticed during the last several anti-polio campaigns that union council level monitoring staff was receiving directions from different quarters to leave the duty assigned to it by district polio control room (DPCR) and join some other tasks without proper intimation to the authorities concerned.
Using tests for guiding treatment of colorectal cancer as a model, this paper assessed how a range of dPCR assays and platforms compared and how precisely they measured the cancer mutation.
Lastly, the sheared mutated fragments were serially diluted into a balanced pool by mixing with M-cfDNA, and the QuantStudio 3D dPCR System (Thermo Fisher Scientific) was used for allele fraction (AF) detection.
Because of that precision, dPCR is capable of analysing complex mixtures, and it's capable of performing procedures where there isn't a lot of sample to work with.
The dPCR reactions were conducted in duplicate and run on the QX100[TM] Droplet Generator (Bio-Rad) following manufacturer's instructions (13)?
Digital PCR (dPCR) is an adaption of the qPCR method that could enable simple, standardized quantification of nucleic acids, primarily due to its nonreliance on calibration curves (10), that could improve accuracy when measuring RNA transcripts (11).
Noel Constantino - Acting Director, Directorate for Police Community Relations (DPCR)
Acquisition of high-throughput real-time PCR system with the ability to perform SNP genotyping, dPCR and geneekspresjonsanalyse, including genekspresejonsanalyse of single cells
In this study we set up a chip-based digital PCR (dPCR) for the 3 most common mutations in codon 12 and tested the diagnostic sensitivity for KRAS mutation detection in plasma samples compared to matched-tumor samples.
Marquez was referring to Police Director Benjamin Magalong, currently head of the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM), Police Director Victor Deona, chief of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Police Director Jonathan Miano, Directorate for Operations (DO) chief, Police Director Wilfredo Franco, Directorate for Police Community Relations (DPCR) chief, and Police Director Noel Vargas, head of the Directorate for Plans (DPL).
Moreover, the RainDrop System shifts the existing digital PCR (dPCR) paradigm from a single-color-per-marker approach to a two color with changing probe intensity method that is capable of multiplexing up to 10 markers.
Union Council Larama is declared as high risk areas by District Polio Control Room (DPCR) based on environmental samples collected from there and to respond to the issue several campaigns have been carried out by District Health Office with support of District Commissioner Office and Expended Programme on Immunization Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.