DPCSData Personal Communications Services
DPCSDistributed, Parallel and Collaborative Systems (Open University of Catalonia; Spain)
DPCSDiploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (Singapore Polytechnic)
DPCSDrugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances (Australia; legal term)
DPCSDistributed Process Control System
DPCSSenior Chief Data Processing Technician (Naval Rating)
DPCSData Processing and Collection Systems
DPCSDynamic Patterns in Complex Systems
DPCSDivision of Political Science (academics)
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It is composed of DPCs isolated from human teeth, of which extraction is less invasive than bone marrow extraction and are available in Japan.
After 72 h treatment with DMEM, ASC-CM, or DaMSC-CM, total RNA extracts from three different types of cells (DPCs, HaCaTs, and HDFs) were obtained using an RNeasy Mini Kit (Qiagen, Germany).
Researchers knew that TDP2 was important for removing DPCs, but they did not know how it was directed to where it needed to work, according to corresponding author Scott Williams, Ph.D., deputy chief of the Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Laboratory at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), part of NIH.
Pathological alternations of DPCs caused by LPS could give rise to acute dental pain and adversely affect the repair process [8-10].
Preferences for materials used for indirect pulp caps (IPCs), DPCs and pulpotomy in anterior and posterior primary and permanent teeth.
According to the comprehensive knowledge of the stem cell biology, evidence suggested that the expression of CD133, a protein marker of human stem cells, is associated with the hair inductive property of DPCs in transgenic mice (Ito et al., 2007; Driskell et al., 2009).
In order to achieve HPCL implementation in parallel, suitable software and hardware are provided as a paradigm to support the simultaneous execution on homogeneous and heterogeneous DPCS. All the numerical methods and parallel programming in visualizing and observing the changing parameters of phase change simulation models are kept as a web repository of HPCL software.
Rising damp is usually caused by either an absent or defective DPC. For example, bitumen DPCs are prone to getting damaged due to expansion in the brickwork, while slate DPCs can be affected if the building is ever subjected to structural movement.
Wherever courts have given stay on holding DPCs, concerted efforts are being made to get the stay vacated in the interest of the employees," the Prasar Bharati statement said.
SunPower Corporation (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB), a California-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has established a special interest group (SIG) with distributed power control systems (DPCS) manufacturers SolarBridge Technologies and Tigo Energy.
* New copper-based Tri-rate (10/100/1000) Ethernet DPCs which enable customers to support low-speed interfaces as well as the existing high-speed interface options.* New 20 Gbps DPCs, which are more cost effective and efficient, requiring less power than full 40 Gbps cards.
Via serial communication, the DPCs also gather data from other devices, such as tank gauge/level units, gas chromatograph controller, vaporizer control panels, compressor unit control panel and generator power monitors typically using the Modbus protocol.