DPDDDivision of Pediatric Drug Development (US FDA)
DPDDDefense Property Disposal Detachment
DPDDDeck Port Door Dogged
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Of the 10 self-report-positive, EtG-negative samples, only 5 women reported third-trimester drinking; on LDD median GA was 33.6 (30.6-37.4) weeks, and DPDD was 7.0 (0.8-13.8) standard drinks.
A statistically significant dose-concentration relationship was observed between self-reported DPDD after 19 weeks' gestation and meconium EtG [greater than or equal to]30 ng/g, adjusted for GA at LDD (model P < 0.0001, all DPDD P < 0.01, GA P = 0.42); the model had good discrimination (r-statistic 0.81) and was well calibrated ([chi square] = 9.3, P = 0.23).
We found a significant dose-concentration relationship between maternal self-reported DPDD after 19 weeks and meconium EtG [greater than or equal to]30 ng/g, providing evidence that this marker accurately represents increasing PAE.
The highest EtG/EtS ratio resulted from 18286 ng/g EtG and 8.5 ng/g EtS from a PAE infant exposed to 12.7 and 5.6 DPDD in the second and third trimesters, respectively.