DPDMDes Pieds et des Mains (French: Feet and Hands; dance)
DPDMDolphin Digital Media, Inc. (Internet safety)
DPDMDirection de la Prospective et du Développement Municipal (French: Directorate of Forecasting and Municipal Development; Bénin)
DPDMDistributed Product Data Management
DPDMDynamic Panel Data Model (economics)
DPDMDual Port Data Memory
DPDMDivision of Policy and Directives Management (US Fish & Wildlife Service)
DPDMDepartment of Poverty and Disaster Management (Malawi)
DPDMDivision of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria (US CDC)
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In case of dynamic panel data models (DPDMs), the estimators become biased and inconsistent customarily as a consequence of the inclusion of lagged dependent variable (see Baltagi [8], Kiviet [17]).
But in the meanwhile, the correlation between the lagged dependent (explanatory) variable and the error term renders the GLS estimator biased and inconsistent in case of DPDMs also.
Furthermore, DPDM is characterized by individual effects [[eta].sub.i] caused by heterogeneity among the individuals.