DPFCDirection de la Pédagogie et de la Formation Continue (French: Directorate of Teaching and Continuing Education; Ivory Coast)
DPFCDurham's Partnership for Children (Durham, NC)
DPFCDame Phyllis Frost Centre (Australia)
DPFCDifferential Pressure Flow Computer (Kessler-Ellis)
DPFCDelta Plus Formation Conseil (French: Delta Plus Training Consulting)
DPFCDiffusion de Pièces Froids et Chauds (French: Distribution of Hot and Cold Parts)
DPFCDigital Pressure and Flow Control
DPFCDefense Program Field Council
DPFCDance Point Fitness Centre (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
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The first mathematical model of a direct propane fuel cell (DPFC) was developed by Psofogiannakis et al.
The modeling domain of the DPFC consisted of an anode catalyst layer (ACL), an electrolyte (membrane) layer (ML), and a cathode catalyst layer (CCL).
Figure 2 shows the fuel cell performance predicted by the DPFC model with and without the progressive time-stepping method in the iteration loop.
Delayed primary fascial closure (DPFC) referred to the ability to achieve fascial closure during the initial hospital stay [11].
Factors Related to DPFC. All data were pooled to analyze the confounding factors that could influence the delayed primary fascial closure rate (Table 3).
In our study, 48 of 83 (58%) patients who received EEF experienced successful DPFC, while 23 patients (45%) underwent successful DPFC in 51 patients who did not receive EEF.
The DPFC handed over the case to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to probe the matter.
Both DPFC and Tarrengower offer Horticulture, Information Technology (IT), Woodwork and a Certificate in General Education (CGE) for adults.
Of the 27 DPFC participants, five lived in 'protection', that is, a unit separated from the mainstream prison population.
One of the authors also interviewed the Education Manager at DPFC and the Campus Manager (of Education) at Tarrengower) The managers were asked what subjects were offered through the education programmes, how these were funded, what priorities existed in terms of educating women in prison and whether staff encountered difficulties in providing education.