DPFDDeep Field Technologies (Fort Myers, FL)
DPFDDeer Park Fire Department (Deer Park, NY)
DPFDDes Plaines Fire Department (Des Plaines, IL)
DPFDDynamic Packet Filter Daemon
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These tools accounted for how daily and seasonal shifts of sun angle variations, orientation and shadows cast by topographic features affect the amount of incoming solar radiation (DPFD, WH [m.sup.2]).
distorta size may be advantageous during the vegetative activity in terms of limiting the effects of low temperature and strong wind action (Taschler & Neuner, 2004), and in summer of overheating and desiccation mainly when low precipitation is associated to an excess of radiation (Korner, 2003) (DPFD = 1.94 e14 [+ or -] 3.19 e13 WH [m.sup.-2]).
For the measurement, the transmitting dipole antenna is put into the reference coordinate system, where the DPFD antenna is located at the origin, with z = 1.7 m and [theta] = 0[degrees].