DPGSDistributed Power Generation Systems (energy)
DPGSDifferential Global Position System
DPGSDéveloppement Pharma Gestion Services (French: Pharma Development Management Services)
DPGSDiplôme de Poste-Graduation Spécialisée (French: Diploma of Specialized Post-Graduation; Algéria)
DPGSDirect Placard Grand Sud (French: Direct Closet Deep South)
DPGSDouai Pharma Gestion Service (French: Douai Pharma Management Service)
DPGSData Product Generation System
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To turn programs into DPGs suitable for execution on the DFSC processor, we have developed some software tools, represented by blocks 4-8 of the toolchain of Figure 8.
The DPGS took over two years to compile the list of water bodies under various agencies before conducting a survey to find out the current status of these reservoirs.
Number * Percentage of poly (propylene glycols) (wt%) DPG TRIPG [SIGMA] 1 0.61 0 0.61 2 3.44 0 3.44 3 2.47 0 2.47 4 3.59 0 3.59 5 2.42 0 2.42 6 0.92 0.74 1.68 7 0.98 0.17 1.15 8 0.88 0 0.88 9 1.04 0.22 1.26 10 0.98 0.93 1.91 * Number according to Table 2.
Building upon existing UNEP voluntary guidelines on prior informed consent, and taking into consideration work on domestically prohibited goods (or "DPG") under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and its successor, the World Trade Organization (WTO),(102) the PIC instrument provides a legal regime to ensure that export of certain identified chemicals (listed on the PIC list in accordance with specified procedures and criteria) will not occur without notice to and the prior informed consent of the importing country.(103)