DPHDDivision for Physical and Health Disabilities
DPHDDana Point Harbor Department (California)
DPHDDépartement de Protection de la Santé de l'Homme et de Dosimétrie (French: Department of Protection of Health and Human Dosimetry; Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire)
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Effect of DPHD on key kinase pathways, and on proliferation, in non transformed h-OB cells
We studied the effect of DPHD on these kinases at 30 and 60 min by determining the phosphorylated target followed by whole enzyme.
2012), we queried whether DPHD would replicate effects of E2 on cell survival or proliferation.
Effect of DPHD on nontransforined osteoblast cell differentiation and maturation
Estrogen and all concentrations of DPHD promoted alkaline-phosphatase expression in osteoblasts compared to controls (p <0.01).
Effect of DPHD on expression of characteristic osteoblast mRNAs
Despite the similarity of response of h-OB to [E.sub.2] and DPHD in Erk1/2 response, cell proliferation, and ALP expression, it was likely that quantitative differences in specific transcriptional targets exist.
4C-E) were also increased by DPHD and [E.sub.2] consistently beginning at 14 days, at or after the peak of increased transcription factor expression, in keeping with structural gene expression being in major part dependent on osterix and RUNX2.
Unique effects of DPHD on bone matrix production and on osteoclast regulatory proteins
To evaluate the effect of DPHD on terminal differentiation of nontransformed osteoblasts, we evaluated mineralization of osteoblast-produced bone matrix using von Kossa silver staining at 21 days.
(3R)-1,7-diphenyl-(4E,6E)-4,6-heptadien-3-ol (DPHD) isolated from C.
The effects of DPHD on human osteoblasts were similar to those of [E.sub.2], and included both nongenomic and transcriptional effects.