DPHEDepartment of Public Health and Environment (Colorado)
DPHEDouble-Pipe Heat Exchanger
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Data of another survey conducted by DPHE in 2007 for the 2nd phase of DPHE-JICA project in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh was also used in this research.
Overall, 60% were below the WHO's 10-[micro]g/L drinking water standard (WHO 1985), and 70% were below the Bangladesh drinking water standard of 50 [micro]g/L (BGS and DPHE 2001).
Contractor address : Superanding Engineer, 2nd Floor, DPHE Vovon, Shahid Captin Munsur Ali Sarani, Kakrail
Contract Award for: Annual Servicing & Maintanance of 100 KVA Generator at DPHE Main Bhaban,Kakrail,Dhaka