DPHHSDepartment of Public Health & Human Services (Montana)
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nd], an independent forensic investigation determined a DPHHS computer server had been hacked.
The server may also have included information regarding DPHHS services clients applied for and/or received.
The number of individuals being notified represents the number and breadth of programs DPHHS administers, plus the length of time the agency is required by state and federal law to maintain its records.
Montana families interested in learning more about this program should contact their regional Developmental Disabilities office, which can be identified at the DPHHS website (http://www.
Billings, DPHHS CIO and Administrator of the Operations and Technology Division.
We are extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with DPHHS.
The expanded scope of work includes the installation of a sophisticated decision support system (DSS), as well as a one-year extension of an existing contract to assist DPHHS in the administration of the State's Medicaid program.
Billings, DPHHS administrator of operations and technology.
The DSS will enable DPHHS managers to perform complex analyses of Medicaid expenditures and utilization.
Billings, Administrator of the Operations and Technology Division of DPHHS.
DPHHS is responsible for managing and administering the state's Medicaid program which provides medical assistance for those who can least afford it.
The research discussed in this article is part of a two-phase project funded by DPHHS to assess and develop weatherization protocols that may be used to safely weatherize homes that have been found to contain ACM or VAI (National Center for Appropriate Technology, 2010).