DPHHSDepartment of Public Health & Human Services (Montana)
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Collaboration among the Tribal Council, IHS, the Montana DPHHS TB Program, and CDC led to four capacity-building efforts to improve TB clinical management and control on the reservation.
A presentation by officials of DPHHS to the joint appropriations sub-committee on DPHHS's budget showed that Montana's health care providers, including hospitals, derive over 19% of their annual revenue from Medicaid patients.
When the statewide study is complete, we will publish our results and share them with the Boards of Medical Examiners and Nursing and the EMS & Trauma Section of DPHHS.
Table 1 State Social and Economic Data Trends * Indicators from DPHHS and OPI are State Fiscal Year beginning with the year at top of column--all others are for calendar years MONTANA Base Year 2000 2005 DEMOGRAPHICS AND FAMILY CHARACTERISTICS Population under age 18 228,370 204,994 Children under age 5 54,596 53,559 Children ages 5 to 17 173,774 151,435 Child population by gender Males under age 18 117,351 104,647 Females under age 18 111,019 100,447 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC Monthly average # of families w/dependent children participating in TANF 4,641 3,938 Monthly average # of recipients (all ages) receiving Food Stamps 59,660 81,665 % of children enrolled in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade eligible for free/reduced lunch 32% 34.
A long term goal of ADMD/ DPHHS in collaboration with SAAs is to have a state-recognized education and practice standard for Peer Specialists.
Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program, DPHHS, Helena