DPHIDensity Porosity
DPHIDepartment of Planning and Health Information (Cambodia)
DPHIDataPlay, Inc.
DPHIDeck Port High
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2005 represents the third successive year DPHI has been awarded a significant number of patents for its optical innovations.
As a global leader in optical systems development, DPHI continues to develop new technology and applications which promise to increase the capacity and performance of optical systems using blue-laser, near field, and holographic technologies in an array of sizes and applications.
ITRI and DPHI plan to cooperate on advanced optical technologies to accelerate the development of future FVD product offerings.
ITRI and DPHI have agreed to pursue a small form factor version of FVD.
DPHI currently has a portfolio of over 96 worldwide patents with over 60 US patents.
DPHI provides micro-optical storage technology for digital recording, playback and distribution.
The DataPlay micro-optical technology offers a unique solution for consumer electronics companies like Ritek looking for ways to differentiate their offerings products in the market place," said Bill Almon, CEO of DPHI, Inc.
DPHI was granted ten patents overseas including Taiwan and Singapore.
With a large IP portfolio and unique innovations, DPHI is well positioned to benefit from this trend.
The strategic alliance with DPHI furthers z-kat's goal of procedurally integrating its digital surgery suite of image-guided technologies for the modern operating room.