DPHPDual-Probe Heat-Pulse (water content)
DPHPDivision of Public Health Partnerships
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BASF will continue to market DPHP and DINP in North America, importing both products from its global production network.
The DPHP technique has several advantages over other methods, provided a sufficient level of accuracy and precision can be achieved.
This paper reports the results of experiments carried out to evaluate the DPHP technique for use in soils with very high organic matter contents.
It is also interesting that DPHP concentrations in urine samples from women were almost twice those of men, which may suggest differences in exposure patterns by sex.
Company researchers say only minor compound changes are needed to adapt DIDP wire formulations to DPHP.
Using alternatives to dioctyl phthalate, such as DINP, DIDP, and DPHP, is helping reduce concerns over PVC.
1998) found that, on a whole-column basis, the DPHP sensors could measure soil water content within 0.
New plastcizer compound, Palatinol DPHP (2-propyl heptanol ester), a C10 alcohol phthalate for flexible PVC.
The changes will facilitate a transition from ethylene-based materials to butene-fed 2-PH, which will be the basis for BASF's newest plasticizer, DPHP (di-propyl heptyl phthalate).
Anti-Aging Program: Active ingredients to combat the signs of aging including SEPILIFT[TM] DPHP, SESAFLASH[TM], DEEPALINE[TM] PVB, PHYTOAGE[TM], SEPITONIC[TM] M3, TIMECODE[TM], SURVlCODE[TM]
For customers who desire a more cost-competitive alternative, we are helping them transition to our flagship product, Palatinol DPHP, or to other products in our plasticizer portfolio.
further support the performance of Sepilift DPHP, a dipalmitoyl hydroxy proline lipovector.