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DPHSDos Pueblos High School (CA, USA)
DPHSDr. Phillips High School (Orlando, Florida)
DPHSDeer Park High School
DPHSDe Pere High School
DPHSDunning Parish Historical Society (UK)
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The biostatistics section of the DPHS provides expertise in biostatistics, clinical trial design and conduct, computer programming, and advanced research data processing services.
Figure 1 shows DPHS extramural research support overall, and Figure 2 includes the specific funding sources from 1988 through the end of 2001 (note that this includes only research funding when DPHS faculty members led the effort).
Through the Wake Forest University Graduate School, the DPHS offers a Master of Science degree in Epidemiology and Health Services Research.
Wake Forest University's problem-based approach to teaching provides an opportunity for medical students to interact with DPHS faculty, both in the public-health-oriented curriculum and in more clinically oriented areas.
Given the content-area expertise of DPHS faculty and staff, they are involved in key public-health community groups.
An Emergency Response Committee was formed (Table 1) and the DPHS was identified by the Mayor as the lead agency.
A letter went out from these schools to all parents, describing the potential risks and asking them to be vigilant for symptoms and to contact the DPHS if their children had been in contact with chemicals.
The DPHS had the authority to order cleanup of the site under Ontario's Health Protection and Promotion Act.
Newsletters were distributed in six languages, primarily through schools, churches, and local recreation centres, asking parents to contact the DPHS if they believed their child may have handled mercury.
By the end of the day, DPHS staff felt confident that material taken from the lab had been recovered and that mercury was the only chemical distributed in the community.