DPIADisplaced People in Action (Welsh charity for asylum seekers/refugees)
DPIADisadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid (Ohio)
DPIADigital Printing and Imaging Association
DPIADocking Phased Incremental Availability
DPIADeferred Planned Incremental Availability
DPIAData Path Intensive Architecture
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The crew knew about operational risk management (ORM), though, and we applied it to everything during the DPIA.
The event was won by Phoenix United, a housing support team from Swansea, while the DPIA side came second.
The whole process of passing the necessary exams takes an average of six to seven months and the DPIA course was set up in May last year.
In Division Three, Deportivo Centrica ran out 5-2 victors over Fairwater FC Seconds, while Bridgend Street overwhelmed DPIA United 8-2 in Division Four.
Possibly within a year of now we could have the whole group working within the NHS in Wales,'' said Leona Evans, of Cardiff-based charity DPIA (Displaced People in Action), which is helping the refugees, who also hail from Kuwait, Sudan and Pakistan, to fulfil their ambitions.
DPIA - which has discussed the issue with the NHS and the National Assembly - said it wanted to take advantage of the ``doctors on our doorstep''.
Todd's work in support of the DPIA of the Stennis is being performed pursuant to the Company's five-year Planned Incremental Availability ("PIA") contract with the Navy for the overhaul and continued maintenance of the aircraft carriers stationed at Bremerton and Everett, Washington.
Much of the work is carried out in Cardiff, but DPIA has expanded to hold projects in Swansea and Wrexham.
The cumulative value of this and all other contract modifications awarded to Todd to date to perform work in support of this DPIA is $27,022,978 before any fee determination.
A goal each from Tony Lammy, Mathew Rowley and Jason Patterson helped CC Lakeland earn a 3-2 victory over DPIA United.
DPIA believes refugees and asylum seekers are keen to give something back to their new communities.
A Geraint Reynolds brace helped Cogan Coronation to a 4-0 win over DPIA United.