DPICMDual Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (US DoD)
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Capability gaps drive operational necessity: While the GMLRS DPICM rockets are still in the inventory, tactical commanders must receive approval by the Combatant Commander, reducing the tactical advantage of responsive precision fires when it is needed most.
The GMLRS DPICM was the Army's precision fires solution to hit area and imprecisely located targets, but is not, and cannot be, made compliant with the policy's UXO requirement.
The shaped charge is a concave copper cone inside a DPICM designed to explode and pierce armor when it hits perpendicular to its target.
Israel has imported M26 rockets with 644 DPICMs each from the United States for its MLRS launchers.
gt;> The US Army announced in January 2006 that as the dud rate of the M85 DPICM bomblets could not be brought below one per cent, most if not all GMLRS rockets bought in the future would be M31s.
The 127 mm ammunition range planned for the Mod 4 includes the Mk 172 HE-ICM cargo round, which dispenses 49 Mk 2 submunitions, derived from the US Army's M-80 DPICM (Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition).