DPICSDrug Products Information Coding System
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The PCIT therapist recorded selected DPICS categories on coding forms during 5-minute observations at the beginning of most CDI and PDI sessions.
Mean levels of occurrence- and nonoccurrence-based interobserver agreement on DPICS coding from videotaped home observations ranged between 75 and 98% for most behaviors on each parent.
One disadvantage of using the DPICS is that clinical coding involves only frequency counts of various behaviors (e.
In addition to using DPICS, PCIT therapists actively explore functional relationships among behaviors by systematically manipulating antecedents and consequences during coaching sessions.
Modifying the DPICS to Measure Separation Distress.
We made one modification to the standard DPICS situations to attempt to better assess for changes in children's ability to tolerate brief separations from parents.
The data that were collected weekly on the DPICS were graphed to determine the effectiveness of treatment.