DPIDDelivery Point Identifier
DPIDDirection des Personnels d'Inspection et de Direction (French: Directorate of Personnel Management and Inspection; education)
DPIDDynamic Participatory Institutional Diagnosis
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recv: the value of DPID which received from switch DPID.
Under this condition, the defense can not only reduce the attack flow on the controller, but also accurately determine the legal forwarding devices in DPID.
i] with the similar computing power with legal forwarding devices generates n different DPID to attack controller C, the hash operations needed by the attacker is n x [m2.
average] |>[sigma] should be fake DPID forged by the attacker.
py) to generate HELLO request packet with the same DPID as targeted host.
The general number of forwarding devices in current data center network is not more than 5000 (with each forwarding device corresponding to one DPID value), so the method proposed in this paper could defend effectively against DoS attack on the controller in current network scale.
In this paper, we studied the DPID forgery attack over the southbound interface of Openflow-based SDN controller, and proposed a CP-based dynamic defense method with regard to attack on forwarding devices and DoS attack on controllers using DPID identity forgery.
Symbols for this work Name Description DPID the unique identifier of forwarding device, usually composed of the 48-bit MAC address of the device and a 12-bit prefix C = {[c.
py) to generate large amounts of OpenFlow HELLO request packets with the random DPIDs.
With the knowledge of this paper, it is easy to discover that the increase of CPU and memory load is due to generating large amounts of puzzle s in a short period of time, and the ability to distinguish legal DPIDs from fake DPIDs makes the subsequent communication unaffected by forged DPIDs, so the load would gradually go down.
9(A) indicate that CPU usage differs in Non-CP model and CP model, with the former having a short rise after the attacker initiating the script, while the latter having stabilized high CPU usage due to its busy dealing with too many fake DPIDs produced by the attacker.
When CP model is not enabled, as the attacker has generated large amounts of fake DPIDs in a short period of time, legal forwarding device is forced to lose connection due to processing delay of the controller, so instead, CPU and memory utilization will decrease.