DPIEDublin Partners in Education (California; est. 1992)
DPIEDirection du Patrimoine Immobilier et de l'Environnement (French: Heritage Branch Real Estate and Environment)
DPIECommonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy (Australia)
DPIEDecontamination Packet, Individual Equipment
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For example, a request from CE2 is processed in the DPIE which finds agents of two experts that can provide service of type CE1.
In principle, arbitrary automated reasoning techniques can be integrated into the DPIE However, globally coherent reasoning in such workflows can be achieved only by using rigorous approaches to designing local models and combining partial processing results.
DPIE Technical Paper 39, Primary Industries South Australia, Adelaide.
The fuel and energy page provides links to DPIE's coal development branch, its petroleum exploration and development branch, the APEC working group on regional energy cooperation, and other related DPIE sites.
The geoscience page provides links to the Australian Geological Survey, the Bureau of Resource Sciences, and other related DPIE sites.
The economics and research page provides links to specialist research bodies affiliated with DPIE, as well as to the Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (see below).
Note that the positive relationship between DPIE and US may also reflect more stringent Coast Guard safety regulation enforcement for U.
22) As with DPIE, the a priori relationships between SPIE and VSIZ and between SPIE and VAGE are indeterminate and negative, respectively.