DPIFDepartment of Primary Industries and Fisheries (Tasmania)
DPIFDigital Preservation Interoperability Framework (Germany)
DPIFDirection-Point a Atteindre-Itinéraire-Formation (French: Branch-Point Reach-Route Training)
DPIFDansk Politi-Idræts Forbund
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Overall, by using the DPIF encapsulation techniques and methods, arbitrary processing services can easily be made composable and negotiable.
In section 2 a rationale for decentralized collaborative reasoning in workflows is provided and the basic features of the DPIF are introduced.
In southeast Queensland (SEQ) the main hardwood species promoted by government agencies is spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora subspecies variegata) which is also the most favoured species for plantation (Huth et al., 2004) accounting for >60 percent of native hardwood volume harvested in Queensland (DPIF, 2004a).
To support this target, the Queensland Government has committed to increase the plantation estates by 320,000 ha between 1996 to 2020 (DPIF, 2000).
In double-point incremental forming (DPIF), a product is formed from its central part to the periphery.
From the hybrids produced, two trial sites were established, at Southedge near Mareeba (managed by QDPI) and at Coastal Plains near Darwin (managed by NT DPIF).