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The cumulative average values of these hemodynamic variables were calculated for the different periods for each group (Dpigs and Cpigs) up through the completion of the 10-minute LAD infusion period during LAD occlusion.
In a total of 12 pigs studied (6 Dpigs; 6 Cpigs), 83% of the Dpigs (5 out of 6) and 17% of the Cpigs (1 out of 6) there developed a sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias within 5 minutes after the infusion of DADLE or sham control into the localized segment of myocardium (Table 1).
The cumulative averages of the different hemodynamic variables over the entire occlusion and infusion period showed stability as compared to their control period average values in the Dpigs (Table 2).
Though the tetrazolium staining demonstrated a localized ongoing infarction of myocardium within animals from both groups, the failure to obtain a reperfusion period in 80% of the Dpigs made any reasonable comparisons impossible.