DPIHDivision Production Ingénierie Hydraulique (French: Production Engineering Division, Hydraulics; Electricité de France)
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It will cover the needs of intercom projects for the protection of sites, local crisis centers, the operating NPPs telephony and renovation of the operating telephony to DPIH.
The services will cover all industrial sites producing PND nuclear, thermal and hydraulic DPIT of the DPIH whose holdings of telecommunications are managed by the department STEP EDF.
The market for the transportation by helicopter load and personnel for operations DPIH and ERDF.
2004, technical assistance and advice on behalf of EDF and operators of cableways inclines of DPIH in compliance with the requirements of the manufacturers and the regulations.
M2M service allows transporting industrial measurement data needed to The DPIH - Hydrometeorological monitoring and forecasting (RMD: tomorrow measurement network), on behalf of DOAAT and hydraulic operators,- Monitoring penstocks overpressure (Teledis-CF) on behalf experts DTG.
Setting up of support services contracts and expertise in telecommunications for nuclear, thermal and hydro areas for projects of DPN-DPIT DPIH divisions and for the years 2016- 2021.