DPIMDistributed Partial Information Management
DPIMDual Power Inverter Module
DPIMDigital Pulse Interval Modulation
DPIMDynamic Packing Injection Molding
DPIMDangerous Properties of Industrial Materials
DPIMDepartment of Precision Instruments and Mechanology
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The Department has also requested a notification from the DPIM of an approved Mine Plan which details how the Company will mine and process the deposit.
During the third quarter of 2013, we conducted a review of the Dual Power Inverter Module ("DPIM") extended coverage program resulting in a reduction of the DPIM liability, partially offset by a reduction of the associated General Motors ("GM") receivable totaling a net credit (recorded in Selling, general and administrative expenses).
The increase in Adjusted Net Income was principally driven by reduced global commercial spending activities, decreased cash interest expense as a result of debt repayment and refinancing, $8 million of premiums and expenses in 2012 related to redemptions of long-term debt, and a $9 million charge for the DPIM extended coverage program in 2012, partially offset by decreased net sales and higher employee stock compensation expense.
DPIM), the fund's investment adviser, which believes this may be an opportune time for the fund to invest new capital in energy master limited partnerships without having to sell securities that DPIM believes should remain in the portfolio.
Managed by DPIM, the fund currently has approximately $980 million of assets and pays a $0.
The DPIM warranty expense charge is attributable to design issues related to the introduction of the DPIM replacement in late 2009.
Excluding the impact of the 2011 debt retirement charge, the increase in Adjusted Net Income was principally driven by increased gross profit, decreased global commercial spending activities, higher 2011 technology-related license expense and decreased cash interest expense as a result of debt repayments and purchases partially offset by a warranty expense charge for the DPIM extended coverage program, favorable 2011 product warranty expense adjustments, increased product initiatives spending and increased other expense, net.
DCA will become a multi-asset-class closed-end fund co-managed by proprietary managers at DPIM and Newfleet Asset Management.
Allison Transmission manufactures the EV Drive(TM) unit, and supplies the Energy Storage System, Hybrid ECU and Power Electronics Processor DPIM.