DPITDivision Production Ingénierie Thermique (French: Thermal Engineering Production Division; Electricité de France)
DPITDesignated Profile Interoperability Tester
DPITDiploma of Information Technology (University of Southern Queensland; Australia)
DPITDivision of Public and Intermodal Transportation (Illinois Department of Transportation)
DPITDay Post Intratracheal
DPITDavid Pieris Information Technologies (Sri Lanka)
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The different molecular weight could probably explain the greater ability of PID to cross the plasma membrane, localizing in the cytosol, with respect to the precursor DPIT.
In particular, DPIT [3] is almost completely intercalated in the phospholipid bilayer, while PID crosses the RBC membrane.
La DPIT puede causar insuficiencia cardiaca e incrementa el riesgo de encefalopatia hepatica, por lo tanto la funcion cardiaca y el antecedente de encefalopatia hepatica deben ser evaluados antes de considerar esta estrategia de tratamiento.
Supply of copper cable and fiber optics market for telecommunications needs of the units of the Nuclear Production Division of EDF (DPN), and DPIH DPIT in France.
Total quantity or scope: Market benefits pumping cleaning industrial cleaning process including waste disposal - DPIT - UP Cordemais (44).
1 has been submitted to the BLUETOOTH(TM) Qualification Review Board (BQRB) for final DPITS designation.
9) recommends that DPITS be used for interoperability testing on products being qualified to BLUETOOTH Specification v.