DPJDemocratic Party of Japan
DPJDroit pour la Justice (French: Right to Justice)
DPJDeterministic Parallel Java (computer project)
DPJDirecteur de la Protection Jeunesse (French; Director of Youth Protection; Canada)
DPJDucharme Pierre Jean (French electrician)
DPJDépartement de la Protection de la Jeunesse
DPJDuodenitis/Proximal Jejunitis (horse disorder)
DPJDivisions de Police Judiciaire (French: Judicial Police Division; France)
DPJDirect Percutaneous Jejunostomy
DPJDentino-Pulpal Junction
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The move came after DPJ leader Banri Kaieda failed to secure a consensus on his proposal to expel the former prime minister from the party at a meeting of DPJ executives on Wednesday.
Yet the DPJ will form the next government because of public disgust with the LDP.
During the campaign for the Lower House elections, the DPJ showed
As a result, the DPJ has announced plans to revoke the LDP's guidelines for a ceiling on budget requests so as to formulate its own budget from scratch.
If the victory for Yukio Hatoyama's DPJ is confirmed, it will put an end to more than 50 years of almost continuous rule by the LDP of Taro Aso, the prime minister.
In the densely populated prefectures surrounding Tokyo, the DPJ took two of three seats in Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama.
Hatoyama told a press conference that NTV had asked the DPJ to change part of the commercial, but the party did not agree.
We were not able to restore public trust," DPJ leader Banri Kaieda told reporters, acknowledging the defeat of his party which has sought to maintain its standing as the country's No.
It doesn't make sense unless (enacting tax reduction-related legislation) is carried out in the next extra Diet session,'' DPJ top policy-maker Eisei Ito said.
His departure will leave the DPJ with 84 seats in the 242-seat House of Councillors, only one more than the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
There was a need to launch a new leadership as soon as possible," new DPJ leader Banri Kaieda said at a meeting of DPJ lawmakers from both chambers of the Diet at party headquarters, after LDP leader Shinzo Abe was voted in as the new prime minister to succeed Noda in parliament.
Kaieda, who won support from lawmakers critical of Noda, beat former transport minister Sumio Mabuchi in the day's two-man race, held after Noda announced he would step down as DPJ head to take the blame for the House of Representatives election loss.