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DPKDelphi Package
DPKDigital Product Key (software)
DPKDemocratisch Politiek Keerpunt (Dutch: Democratic Political Turning Point)
DPKDeutscher Pudel Klub eV (German: German Poodle Club)
DPKDual Purpose Kerosene
DPKDana Pihak Ketiga
DPKDeployment Package (software)
DPKDigital Press Kit (music marketing)
DPKDrôme Power Kite (France)
DPKDemokratische Partei Kurdistans (German: Democratic Party of Kurdistan; Iraq)
DPKDepict Knits (Sydney, Australia)
DPKDeurnese Postzegel Kring (Belgian stamp club)
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I would like to change the situation by changing the relevant law with the DPK to make it more difficult for lawmakers to just fire their aides like public officers," Lee said in a written interview with The Korea Times.
Giving a breakdown of the figures, the report disclosed that earnings from PMS, AGO, and DPK stood at N208.65 billion, N9.7 billion and N3.41 billion respectively, while LPFO sales fetched the PPMC N1.71 billion.
In this empirical model, real financial supply (LS) is determined by DPK, NPF, TBH and SWBI.
"We are waiting for them (PUK and DPK) to conclude their decision and officially present his name for us, then we can discuss the other details."
At moderate inclines (2-3[degrees]), their skiers switched to DPK and all employed DIA on inclines greater than 6[degrees].
The KDPI demands that the DPK change its name before a possible merger because the former is the bearer of the tradition of the short-lived Kurdish Republic that was founded in 1945 in Mahabad in Azerbaijan.
DPK can be a source of dietary fiber without any negative impact on sensory quality of end-products if they are properly milled (Almana and Mahmoud, 1994).
Vesna Janevska, president of DPK, confirmed Wednesday that Albanians and Turks were boycotting and said a new competition for census officers would be announced.
DPK, which can be used in aircraft and is cheaper than imported aircraft fuel, had been diverted to the aviation industry for profit and the state-run Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) is now being more strict.
One of the senior DPK leaders, Javit Haliti, in a statement to the press Tuesday did not rule out the possibility, nor did he mention any candidate.
"The athletes' registration is over, but preparations have been completed to enable the North Koreans to join even if they notify us of their participation on the opening day," DPK Chairman Lee Hae-chan said during an event held last week in the city.
Also, that total quantity of products (AGO, PMS, DPK, Crude oil, HPFO, LPFO and waste/lube oil) estimated to be 56, 000, 000 litres were recovered from all the trucks/vehicles.