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DPKDelphi Package
DPKDigital Product Key (software)
DPKDemocratisch Politiek Keerpunt (Dutch: Democratic Political Turning Point)
DPKDeutscher Pudel Klub eV (German: German Poodle Club)
DPKDual Purpose Kerosene
DPKDana Pihak Ketiga
DPKDeployment Package (software)
DPKDigital Press Kit (music marketing)
DPKDrôme Power Kite (France)
DPKDemokratische Partei Kurdistans (German: Democratic Party of Kurdistan; Iraq)
DPKDepict Knits (Sydney, Australia)
DPKDeurnese Postzegel Kring (Belgian stamp club)
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As well as setting strategic moves for putting up prominent candidates, the LKP continues to tarnish the opponent's reputation by blaming the DPK for the scandal.
DPK can be a source of dietary fiber without any negative impact on sensory quality of end-products if they are properly milled (Almana and Mahmoud, 1994).
According to the initial information from DPK, approximately 15,000 Macedonians, 800 Albanians, 200 Turks, 300 Roma people, 250 Serbs, 100 Vlachs, less than a hundred Bosniaks and a certain number of Croats, Montenegrins and Russians filed applications for census officers.
By acquiring DPK, Tetra Tech is taking another important step toward rounding out our full-service offerings to USAID, which has become one of Tetra Tech's largest customers," said Dan Batrack, Tetra Tech's Chairman and CEO.
Keeney is the president of DPK Public Relations, a Texas-based firm specializing in crisis communications planning, crisis communications response and crisis recovery as well as media relations, marketing communications and spokesperson training.
Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, EDS, Gila Regional Medical Center, Weber Shandwick Worldwide, Brodnicki Public Relations, 20 Hats, DART, Burson-Marsteller, DPK Public Relations, University of Houston, Fix & Associates, Inc.
Min, who is preparing for the Seoul mayoral election in June, did not make the decision in conjunction with the DPK leadership, according to party floor leader Woo Won-shik.
Abdulmenaf Bexheti from DPK says that this situation is unacceptable.
These products include Jet A1, LPG, gasoline, DPK, diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, base oil, and bitumen.
After the scandal came to light, DPK leadership decided to review Park's qualification to run for the local election slated for June.
This means that there will be Macedonian members in the census teams in areas with Albanian-dominant population, which was opposed few months ago by the members of DPK.
Dorsey & Whitney LLP, DPK Consulting, Drexler Technology, DynCorp Inc.