DPKODepartment of Peacekeeping Operations
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On November 30th 2013, DPKO was composed of a number: 83 154 soldiers, 13 056 police officers and observers in 1846, 16 942 international civilian personnel and 2,025 local volunteers UN from 122 countries.
Ainda com relacao ao assunto, em marco de 2010, o DPKO lancou as diretrizes Integrando uma Perspectiva de Genero ao Trabalho dos Militares das Nacoes Unidas nas Operacoes de Paz, com o intuito de facilitar a inclusao de questoes de genero nas tarefas diarias dos soldados.
the DPKO distinguishes five types of peace operations (conflict
In the summer of 2007, while Ban's team focused on their initial priority of reforming DPKO, Pascoe's staff worked on a blueprint for DPA reform.
DPKO and DFS currently support 18 peace operations, fielding nearly 87,000 military personnel, over 12,000 police, and some 20,000 civilians worldwide.
When the manual is delivered to DPKO, it will most likely come with a list of all equipment and supplies needed to operate a 500-bed prison.
measures for protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, the Team at DPKO is responsible for developing strategies for "addressing conduct and discipline" throughout DPKO and for providing "oversight on the state of conduct and discipline for all categories of personnel in all missions administered by the Department.
In 1995, he was head of the DPKO, the "ministry of defence" of the UN.
Institutionally, the Secretariat has treated it so, with DPKO in charge of the Force and DPA the point of entry for the other UN entities named above.
I am going to dispatch DPKO expert-level people to Addis Ababa, together with the African Union, for consultation and briefing on the moving Darfur heavy support package issues,'' he told reporters at a press conference after returning from an 11-day trip to the Middle East.
The UN DPKO provides the following definition of UNMO.
The restructuring created the Department of Field Support for administrative and logistic support, with DPKO responsible for military, police, and stabilization planning.