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At the working level, there is a plethora of thematic and country-specific task forces that include UNDP, DPA, DPKO, and others.
And yet in spring 2012 Herve Ladsous, head of UN DPKO, disingenuously claimed that "conditions on the ground" in Darfur justified a substantial drawdown of UNAMID forces, and 4,000 have in fact been withdrawn (the Mission never reached 100 percent of its authorized total, and a great many units have never met UN peacekeeping standards).
See Catriona Gourlay, Rosters for the Deployment of Civilian Experts in Peace Operations, a DPKO Lessons Learned Study (New York: UN, 2006), p.
the DPKO distinguishes five types of peace operations (conflict
To address such dilemmas, DPKO and other UN offices are developing an Early Peace-Building Strategy to share the burden of rebuilding among DPKO, UN development agencies, and wealthy donor states, and emphasize the WDR's three priority areas when effectively implemented.
Partially as a result of that discussion, during a meeting of the International Corrections and Prison Association (ICPA) in November 2009 between the ICPA board and Dmitry Titov, the assistant, secretary-general for rule of law and security institutions, and Richard Kuurie, the DPKO corrections policy officer, it was determined that ICPA would develop a manual for the construction of mobile detention centers/prisons that can be deployed during peacekeeping missions.
In 1995, he was head of the DPKO, the "ministry of defence" of the UN.
Institutionally, the Secretariat has treated it so, with DPKO in charge of the Force and DPA the point of entry for the other UN entities named above.
I am going to dispatch DPKO expert-level people to Addis Ababa, together with the African Union, for consultation and briefing on the moving Darfur heavy support package issues,'' he told reporters at a press conference after returning from an 11-day trip to the Middle East.
The UN DPKO provides the following definition of UNMO.
This includes 16 peacekeeping missions and two special political-peacebuilding missions directed and supported by respectively the DPKO and DPA, as well as by the General Assembly's Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.
Ban came under immense pressure from DPKO to refuse, and over sixty governments reportedly turned down the offer to send troops for a new mission.