DPLCDemocratic Party of Lane County (Oregon)
DPLCDigital Power Line Carrier (telecommunications)
DPLCDesign for Product Life Cycle (national conference; India)
DPLCDayton Power and Light Company (also seen as DPL and DP&L; Dayton, OH)
DPLCDigital Photography Learning Center
DPLCDomestic Private Leased Circuit (telecommunications)
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05) than in control calves at 7, 14, and 21 DPLC (6.
It might be expected that more sampling time points between 7 to 14 DPLC are necessary to detect the elevation of IgM before IgG production.
activation marker, IL-2 receptor [alpha]) T cells in PBMC from calves with LPS challenge at 7 DPLC and 14 DPLC, respectively.
DPLC manufactured hybrid cottonseed developed in conjunction with state-funded researchers, and sold it around the world.
To be sure, when DPLC was organized before the First World War, most agricultural reformers agreed with Knapp in contending that managing the farm along an industrial model and streamlining production accordingly would ultimately redound to the benefit of farmers.
The DPLC works with the HDMA eCTF and others to develop voluntary, standards-based data-exchange guidelines.
Commenting on the transaction, James Culhane, Director in the Public Finance group said, "The letter of credit facility BNP Paribas' provides to the NYMTA is the largest ever DPLC provided by a single bank to support its Transportation Revenue Bond program and clearly demonstrates the bank's firm commitment to the public sector and the New York region.
Afterward, DPLC members will join the annual Martin Luther King, Jr.
agenda includes reports on progress of statewide coalition and developments in DPLC, proposed initiative campaign, presentation by No Coal Eugene, video about California's recent attempt to establish Health Care for All.
Campaign Services Chair Kevin Cronin is heavily involved in the DPLC.
Become a precinct committee representative and take responsibility for the direction of the party (go to DPLC.