DPLFDue Process of Law Foundation (est. 1996; Washington, DC)
DPLFDemocratic Peoples Liberation Front
DPLFDog Periodontal Ligament Fibroblast
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The bad reputation of the judiciary is rooted in recent history: corruption scandals, the meddling of political and economic actors with judges and the overtly political appointments of judges-who moreover often lack the necessary expertise --have led to a serious decline of respect for the judiciary," said DPLF.
Another lingering problem is posed by what DPLF described as "external actors" interfering in the system, an intervention that "is done in a more subtle or sophisticated way than in decades past.
BERISTAIN, supra note 6, at 93 (noting that Luis Cantoral-Benavides, a petitioner before the Inter-American Court, said that the Court-ordered state apology was a "triumph" for him); DPLF, supra note 11, at 7 (Helen Mack, another petitioner before the Inter-American Tribunal, describes her positive experiences with process and remedies).