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DPMADeutsches Patent- und Markenamt (German office for patents and registered brand names)
DPMADirection des Pêches Maritimes et de l'Aquaculture (French: Directorate of Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture)
DPMAData Processing Management Association
DPMADynamic Power Management Architecture (Intel Corporation)
DPMADistri Pneumatiques Moto Auto (French motor vehicle supplies)
DPMADirection du Personnel, de la Modernisation et de l'Administration (French: Directorate of Personnel, Modernization and Administration; French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry)
DPMADisabled Persons Maintenance Allowance (Ireland)
DPMADry-docking Phased Maintenance Availability
DPMADepot Phased Maintenance Availabilities
DPMADigital Products Maintenance Activity
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Intervalo de 95% de confianca para o coeficiente angular (a [+ or -] Erro); intervalo de 95% de confianca para intercepto Y (b [+ or -] Erro); coeficiente de determinacao ([R.sup.2]); desvio quadratico medio (DQM); desvio percentual medio (DPMA); resultado dos testes de aderencia qui-quadrado ([chi square]); Lilliefors (L) de diferentes distribuicoes de probabilidades para as estacoes avaliadas e estatistica de teste t ([t.sub.0]) do coeficiente angular Estacao Funcao a [+ or -] Erro Juazeiro do Gumbel 1,06 [+ or -] 0,04 Norte-CE Log.
Reiners stated, "During the Essex DPMA cycle, the Navy Reserve was able to cover some manning shortages and ensure the crew of the Essex completed its critical work during this planned maintenance availability.
The solution will enable the DPMA to complete the entire registration process of property rights, including patents and utility models, electronically.
Products: P-Series glycol ethers products, including: Dowanol PM, Dowanol PM Elec Grade, Dowanol DPM, Dowanol TPM, Dowanol PMA, Dowanol PMA Elec Grade, Dowanol DPMA, Dowanol PnP, Dowanol DPnP, Dowanol PnB, Dowanol DPnB, Dowanol, TPnB, Dowanol PPH, Dowanol PPH Low Phenol, and Dowfroth[R] 250A
Jointly produced by FIZ Karlsruhe and the German Patent & Trademark Office (DPMA), PATDPAFULL includes German patent applications and granted patents, translations of European patent documents, and German utility models.
He has a certificate in data processing from DPMA and expertise in the technical preparation, placement, and management of contracts for data processing and telecommunications.
The CIS program's board of advisors merged a South Carolina, USA business school's cyberspace curricula with the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA) model curricula.
The East Carolina (ECU) curriculum was initially designed and has been revised to cover the content of the DPMA (Chen, Danesh & Willhardt, 1992) and ACM (1991) model curricula.
DPMA launched its online services in April 1994 to provide additional member services without the traditional delays in delivery of those services.
[5.] Alter, S., "Proceedings of the Tenth Information Systems Education Conference", sponsored by DPMA Education Foundation, Phoenix, AZ, November 1993, p.
Membership in both the Data Processing Managers Association (DPMA) and the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) has helped the company secure a major market share.
All patients were discharged with advice of a depot medroxyprogester-one acetate (DPMA) for ovulation suppression in follow-up treatment.