DPMGDeccan Pacific Medical Group (Fremont, CA)
DPMGDeputy Postmaster General
DPMGDistribution Publicité Mobile Guyane (French: Guyana Mobile Advertising Distribution; Guyana)
DPMGDefining Presence Marketing Group Inc. (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
DPMGDiagnostic Pathology Medical Group, Inc (Sacremento, CA)
DPMGDigital Product Management Group (Electronic Publishing)
DPMGDermatology Pathology Medical Group, Inc. (Yuba City, CA)
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DPMG International currently has several new releases available in digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many others from the following unsigned talents, Li'l Ze, Divine Talent, Knowledge, New Kidd, and DMajor Beatz.
The latest addition to the DPMG International discography is titled Majesty by Li'l Ze.
DPMG International discography of new music releases includes "Right Now" by Divine Talent, "Bizness" by Knowledge, "I Love You feat Nicole" by New KIdd and "Want It All" by DMajor Beatz.
DPMG is a world leader in Internet Business Development, and markets a network of sites that receive millions of unique visitors every month.
commented, "We are very excited about working with DPMG and increasing traffic to our sites.