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DPMODeputy Prime Minister's Office (UK)
DPMODefects per Million Opportunities
DPMODefects Per Million Opportunities (Six Sigma)
DPMODeployment Process Modernization Office
DPMODon't Piss Me Off
DPMODefense Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing Personnel (MP) Office (US DoD)
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DPMO is analyzing the deployment process end-to-end to identify policy gaps and develop solutions for decision-makers in the Army and joint communities.
[7] Nonstandard abbreviations: IQCP, Individualized QC Plan; [TE.sub.a], allowable total error; Hb, hemoglobin; POC, point-of-care; CAP, College of American Pathologists; SRL, secondary reference laboratory; E(NUf), expected number of unreliable final patient results; Max E([N.sub.uf]), maximum E([N.sub.uf]); DPMO, defects per million opportunities.
After visiting China in January 1999 to seek the PLA's cooperation in opening its secret archives on the Korean War, the Director of DPMO, Robert Jones, said that "we believe that Chinese records of the war may hold the key to resolving the fates of many of our missing servicemen from the Korean War." DPMO's spokesman, Larry Greer, reported that the PRC agreed to look into the U.S.
"For decades, the DPMO has led the search to recover the remains of the men and women who served our nation, and each of them have a remarkable record of service," said National Adjutant Marc Burgess.
Tilford Jr., Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia (Washington, DC: Center for Air Force History, 1992), 6-8; and "Service Personnel Not Recovered Following WWII," Defense Prisoner of War / Missing Personnel Office (DPMO), accessed 14 September 2012, http://www.dtic.mil/dpmo/wwii/reports/.
Failure rates measured as defects-per-million opportunities (DPMO) for devices are around 250 while the equivalent pin faults are around 400.
In addition, the sigma performance can also be expressed by "Defect Per Million Operations (DPMO)" shown as Table 2.1.
In accordance with the Six Sigma method, defects are monitored and are the base for calculation of DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities); the value DPMO is the base for determination of sigma level by means of the conversion table.
However, with the global prevalence of electronic calculators and computers, top management may want to switch the business of the company altogether, and such a strategic decision is certainly beyond any clever ways of improving the dpmo! Thus, Six Sigma can be manifested in various forms at various levels, and is not some magical formula that, as many would have heard, fetches "as much as $175,000 per project and $1 million per year per Black Belt" (Harry, 1998).
* The quality improvement system, aimed at reducing errors and maintaining them at a low value, "Six sigma", meaning DPMO (DPMO = Defects per Million opportunities);
(7.) Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO, "US Military Korean War Statistics from the "Unaccounted For Data," released June 2, 2000, http://koreanwarmemorial.sd.gov/U.S Forces/MIA_KIA.htm (18 April 2009).