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DPMODefects Per Million Opportunities (Six Sigma)
DPMODeployment Process Modernization Office
DPMODon't Piss Me Off
DPMODefense Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing Personnel (MP) Office (US DoD)
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The family found closure when DPMO Mortuary Affairs Specialist Paul A.
1, 2006, DPMO reports there are 34 individuals whose fate is still unresolved.
negotiator's visited Libya last year, the DPMO team visited the grave site of 13 American sailors and Marines from the USS Intrepid.
The model has the ability to compare two different PCA test strategies and, for each strategy, provide cost, yield enhancement savings, defects escaping out of the strategy, DPMO or yield for each test stage, ROI (return on investment) metrics and time-to-market savings.
Tenders are invited for Providing Outsource for PAA & Taluka A/c Asst, DH A/c Asst & School Health DEO, DAM Asst, BCC/IEC DEO, Taluka DEO, RI DEO, SNCU DEO to DPMO KHSDRP Koppal
The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI), an industry-led consortium focused on strengthening the North American supply chain, has launched a project aimed at benchmarking DPMO (defects per million opportunities) rates for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.
For some board types little or no increase will be seen, while for others a significant (more than 10 times) increase in DPMO (defects per million opportunities) values will be seen.
IPC-7912A, Calculation of DPMO and Manufacturing Indices for Printed Board Assemblies, adds lands on boards that are to be unpopulated as opportunities for defects and establishes that components placed on the lands would then be defects.
The press fit process is gaining acceptance due to the product performance enhancements and reduction in DPMO levels it provides over wave solder processes.
They studied the problem and decided to improve the manufacturing process to reduce defects from per 1000 to defects per 1,000,000 (DPM, sometimes DPMO or defects per million opportunities), one thousand times better or 1/1000th the number of defects from before.