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DPMSDisplay Power Management Signaling
DPMSDOS Protected Mode Services (Microsoft MSDOS)
DPMSDisplay Power Management System
DPMSDefense Procurement Manufacturing Services Inc
DPMSData Project Management System
DPMSDistribution Planning Management System
DPMSData Processing and Management System (Bellcore)
DPMSDistributed Pattern Matching System
DPMSDigitally Phase Modulated Signal
DPMSDistributed Publishing and Management System
DPMSDCSLOG (Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics) Publications Management Systems
DPMSDescon Project Management System (Pakistan)
DPMSDemocratic Party of Montenegrin Socialists
DPMSDensified Propellant Management System (NASA)
DPMSDocument Publishing and Management Software
DPMSDepois do Ponto-Morto Superior (After Top Dead Center; Portuguese)
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DPMS can also convert cars and vans for disabled people.
8mm Remington SPC (Special Purpose Cartridge)in a DPMS (Panther Arms) AR, the rifle not only met my expectations and performed perfectly, but my grandson also took a nice whitetail buck with the diminutive cartridge.
The DPMS Tac 2 features a rifle-length gas system, and is an enhanced version of the current Panther Tactical.
Realizing its potential and sudden popularity in competition, DPMS has built AR rifles around the cartridge.
Remington, Marlin, H&R 1871, DPMS and Bushmaster, of Freedom Group, presented awards at the SHOT Show, recognizing top distributors and retailers.
He told me I ought to have Randy Luth of DPMS take a look at it.
She previously was manager of press relations for the Freedom Group family of companies, serving Remington, Marlin, H&R, Bushmaster, DPMS and Dakota Arms.
Specifications for the AR-15 style DPMS Panther Lite 16" Special Edition Pink rifle can be found on the GunBroker.
Black Hills Ammunition, Brownells, Cor-Bon, Crimson Trace, DPMS, Ellett Brothers, EOTAC, GunBroker.
DPMS Panther Arms has released the Model LR-308C, an updated version of its .