DPNLDistribution Panel
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Total intracellular DNA was purified from treated and untreated cells 16 h post-infection with DNeasy blood and tissue kit (Qiagen, Limburg Netherlands), according to the manufacturer's instructions, and treated with 20 U/ml of Dpnl for 2 h at 37[degrees]C to remove contaminating plasmid DNA (Munir et al., 2013).
For James Hussey, chief executive officer at NanoInk Inc., Skokie, Ill., which makes dip-pen nanolithography (DPNL) equipment that can write nanoscale features on a broad range of substrates and chemistries, the primary challenge for any company involved in nanotechnology is scale up.
In the case of DPNL, he says, "we have almost no problems with the basic technology.