DPNRDiesel Particulate NOx Reduction (engine system)
DPNRDeproteinized Natural Rubber
DPNRDeer Park Nudist Resort (Devore, CA)
DPNRDigital Picture Noise Reduction (TV feature)
DPNRDepartment of Planning and Natural Resources (US Virgin Islands)
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Army Corp of Engineers will work cooperatively with the DPNR to deliver vessels to the dock where they will be off loaded, staged, and reduced before being transported off-site.
In this study, the fabrication of the compliant electrodes with high electrical conductivity and high flexibility was carried out by using DPNR as a matrix filled with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) as a conductive filler.
An assessment by DPNR and EPA confirmed that only methyl bromide had been used for fumigation.
The de-proteinised natural rubber (DPNR) serum was collected from the DPNR factory.
In spite of the overall lower Mooney viscosities of the skim rubber masterbatches after the first mixing step, the Mooney viscosities with curative included by mill mixing are almost comparable with those of the NR and DPNR compounds.
which also produces ceramic substrates, supplies cordierite DPFs to Toyota Motor and Hino Motor for their DPNR system which is available on the Avensis car and Dutro truck.
DPNR shows a conversion efficiency of greater than 80% in both nitrogen oxide and particulate matter in the initial stage of operation, compared with the permitted level of exhaust emissions from a 2-ton diesel truck under 1998 Japanese regulation limits, Toyota said.
SDS to make 30% DRC latex, and was washed twice by centrifugation to prepare DPNR latex containing 0.
DPNR fined the company US$260,000, for blocking public access to the beach.
Vanderbilt; "Additives for antimicrobial latexes and biofilm resistant materials," Svoboda Tabakova, Vera Mircheva and Nadejda Assenova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; and "Effect of fillers on the surface properties of NR and DPNR sheets,"
DPNR officials have urged people to avoid standing or running water in areas such as the Frederiksted Pier.