DPNSSDigital Private Network Signaling System
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According to the company, as a result of the interoperability testing Cisco can provide an approved solution that allows organisations maximum internetworking between DPNSS PBX systems and its IP telephony solutions.
931/QSIG network interfaces such as Cisco's to connect to legacy DPNSS systems without the need for additional development.
At TMA Westell will be exhibiting its new IiQ 2030 DPNSS to IP Gateway, which enables legacy voice systems to be integrated into new IP networks.
Cisco has selected Teltrend Ltd's InterChange iQ 200 interworking and conversion product to provide users of telecomms networks running on the proprietary UK standard DPNSS with the capability to interwork with the new Q.
Intel(R) SS7 products support a wide range of international SS7 variants and switch types and support ANSI, ITU-T, China, Japan SS7, ISDN, NI2, QSIG and DPNSS protocols.
To facilitate networking, Ipera 2000 includes QSIG networking capabilities and the full-featured DPNSS protocol extensively deployed in Mitel's SX-2000 portfolio.
Traditionally, PBXs in these medium and large companies are linked via point to point digital leased lines using signaling protocols such as DPNSS (Digital Private Network Signaling System) or QSIG (Q-reference point signaling).
This is a Cisco-endorsed product which was specifically designed to allow legacy protocols such as DPNSS, Digital Private Network Signalling Systems, to run over frame relay, ATM or IP networks.
Approximately 80% of UK private voice networks use DPNSS as a signalling protocol.
Excel currently supports ISDN Primary Rate Interface as well as DPNSS and DASS2, two UK variants of the ISDN PRI product.
Network service providers can benefit from the diverse protocol conversion capabilities offered by PrimeSwitch interfaces including DASS, DPNSS, BRI, PRI, E1, four wire E&M and two-wire analog.
They will also begin to utilize video conferencing and PBX switching using the DPNSS protocol.